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24th Festivals in Kasama



Now, the time for Festivals in Kasama  comes!!

It’s one of the summer features in Kasama.


‘Floating Lantern’(Toro-nagashi) is a traditional Japanese event which has been passed down from old times.

Lanterns filled with gratitude and other feelings for ancestors are thrown into Hinuma River individually by each participant.


In ‘Art of lights(Nebuta) and Portable shrine Parade’ , there are hand made Nebutas, authentic Nebuta from Tohoku district , and portable shrines from Kasama.

Spirituous Haneto(dancers in Nebuta festival who dances and jumps a lot) make the atmosphere  more enjoyable and cheerful.

 ※ Nebuta is one of the Tanabata festival events in Tohoku district. Big paper lanterns shaped like fans, dolls and animals are lit and put on cars and stalls, and people pull them through on streets at festivals.


In Kasama City, there are many great places you can visit and enjoy, such as Inari Shrine, Nichido Museum of Art, Crafts Hills of Art and Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum.

 You can rent a bicycle and go around wonderful Kasama City before joining the festival.