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63th Riverside Itako Iris Festival



   This is the oldest iris festival in Japan, and with which we feel like summer has come!!

In this Itako Riverside Iris Park, there are about 500 kinds of irises, 1million in total.

    Purple, white, yellow and many other colored irises are boasting their beauties.

More than 8 hundred million tourists not only from Ibaraki but also from all over Japan visit this festival.

   This is a nice place for enjoying sightseeing and having delicious food.


   The must-see is “Yomeiribune” (A bride on a boat), in which a bride is congratulated by many  spectators.


   This year boats will be illuminated with beautiful paper lanterns and bluish balls in the evening called “Yoinoyomeiribune”(A bride on a boat in the evening).  Below the “Yoinoyomeiribune”,  there are 500 blue-lit LED balls. The scenery is so beautiful that it looks like Milky Way in the sky falling on Maekawa River.

   It will be held just for 4 days (June 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd). Don’t miss it!!


   These are pictures of illuminated irises “suigounoakari ” (illuminated riverside). They create a magical atmosphere throughout the area.

   It’s scheduled to be held on June 21st (Sat.) after sunset this year



   During the festival, we can enjoy watching the dance by local Itako women’s group. The women say they dance because they want to pass the wonderful tradition to younger generation.

   Also we can enjoy watching the dance with Japanese festival music “ohayasi” . This music is originally from the “Itako Gion Sairei” (Itako Gion Festival) ・・・This is a big festival held in August.


   Traditional boats rowed by paddlers cruise Maekawa River during Iris Festival.

On Saturdays, you can also enjoy boat-cruises in the evening.





Date         May 24th(Sat.)~June 29th(Sun.)


Place       Suigo Itako Ayamaen (Riverside Iris park)

                    address / ayame 1-5 Itako city


Access     Train ; 3 minutes’ walk from Itako Station on JR Kashima Line

                  Car ; 5minutes’ drive from Itako interchange

                       ※using East Kanto Expressway (via Prefectural Route 101)


Parking       free


Inquiry       0299-63-1111(Itako Municipal tourism, commerce and industry association)

                 0299-80-1100 (fax)

                   0299-63-1187(during the festival)





Robune  (Municipal rowboat cruise)

        Everyday  during the season  9:00~16:00

        1000yen / 500yen for children of primary school age and under

Yoinorobune ( Evening rowboat cruise )

        every Saturday  18:00~20:00

        1000yen /  free for children of primary school age and under


Yomeiribune  (Bride boat)

         Wednesday  11:00~

         Saturday  11:00~, 14:00~, 19:30~

         Sunday  11:00~, 14:00~


        Every day during the festival  18:30~22:00

Ayame odori  (Iris dance)

        every Sunday  noon~13:00(it will be canceled when the weather is bad)

Iris Exhibition

        everyday  9:00~17:00

○JR Hiking course : starts from Itakio station(takes about 4.5hrs)

        every day  June 7th~22nd check-in: 8:30~11:00.

Ohayasi Itako Gion Sairei  (Japanese traditional music) 

        every Sunday