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The 33rd Himatsuri








The 33rd Himatsuri (pottery festival) is being held at the event square in Kasama Geijutsu-no-Mori Koen, or Kasama Art Forest Park, from April 29 to May 5.

“Himatsuri” literally means “pottery flame festival” and takes place annually.


More than 200 pottery artists, pottery makers, and local pottery shops will take part in and put up their tents respectively. Their tents are being decorated in their own style by themselves.  Lots of self-applause pottery works will be on wooden tables.  You can enjoy a frank conversation with the pottery producers, too.


Many local people are planning various events and attractions you can join, which is unique here in Kasama.  If you join them, it will be a lot of fun!  

Looking for your favorite one among thousands of pottery works might take a long time and make you a little bit tired, but the joy of having found really splendid one is great.




As the atmosphere of each tent differs from one to another, you can enjoy it as well as the pottery work itself.  Some pottery artists are also selling lots of handmade snacks and drinks served on or in Kasama pottery plates, bowls, and cups.  Some of the foods served at this festival are special for those who expect to eat them every year.  Why don’t you try them? 

Pease enjoy the atmosphere of each shop.



Some auctions and events are planned and they are popular, too.  One of them is Domen Auction, or baked-clay mask auction, for which Kasama pottery artists make the masaks specially.  Domen Festival is a kind of contest, where lots of masks made by nearby primary school pupils are displayed.  Kids Land is a playground for children, and other amusements are being prepared.  Please enjoy yourself there, too. 




Through these auctions and events, the mood of the festival’s excitement is stimulated.


Exhibition of Bowls for Tea Ceremony: you can choose favorite one and taste Ma-cha green tea in it.

Locally brewed Japanese Sake, small sake cups, and bags for the sake cups are also selling.

There is a special tent for the young or those who have just started pottery-making as a professional. 

Inada En-nichi: Stone craftsmen, blacksmiths, gardeners, sake brewers, and the inhabitants in Inada district are holding a fair.  Many other things are also being prepared for the festival.         


2014.4.21.新着.ひまつり つつじ

The 43rd Kasama Tsutsuji Matsuri, Azalea Festival is being held from April 19 to May 11 at Tsutsuji Koen Park nearby.  We also recommend this flower festival.  How about visiting there with your friends and your family?

The 33rd Himatsuri, Kasama Pottery Festival

Date: From April 29 to May 5, 2014   9am~5pm


Place:  Kasama Geijutsu-no-Mori Koen, Kasama Art Forest Park, at Event Square

      Address: 2345 Kasama, Kasama City


Access: Train:  Please get off at Kasama Station / JR Mito Line

(If you take JR Joban Line, you might need to change trains at Tomobe Station)

From Kasama Station, Shuttle Bus and Circular Bus available (For Free)

           Cars:   If you drive Jobando express highway road, please turn at Tomobe IC.

From Tomobe IC, it is about 10 minutes’ drive.

If you use ETC card to pay the fare and drive down Jobando express highway road, you can also turn onto the ordinary road at Tomobe SA smart IC. 

From Tomobe SA smart IC, it is about 20 minutes’ drive.

If you drive Kitakantodo express highway road, please turn at Kasama-nishi IC.

From Kasama-nishi IC, it is about 20 minutes’ drive.


Parking Lot:  Space for 1,100 cars is available in Kasama Geijutsu-no-Mori Koen 

                   Fare:   Large Bus 1,020 yen a day, Medium-sized Bus 510 yen a day

                         General Car 300 yen a day

                      Except above, there are private parking lots nearby at the same cost.


Temporal Parking Lot For Free: April 29, May 3, May 4, and May 5 exclusively:

                      Tomobe Temporal Parking Lot: Address is 1718 Taira-machi, Kasama City

Kyoiku (Education) Center Temporal Parking Lot: Address is 1410 Taira-machi, Kasama City

Above parking lots are recommendable for those who drive from Iwama IC, Tomobe SA smart IC, and Tomobe IC

From these parking lots, Shuttle Bus is available. (Fare is 100 yen one-way)

Although these temporal parking lots are far from the site of the festival, it is better to park your car there, to reach the festival site avoiding the expecting traffic jam.  

Web Site:        hppt://www.himatsuri.net/     (Himatsuri Official Web Site)       hppt://www.kasamayaki.or.jp/           (Kasama-yaki Co-op)

For more information:   Kasama-yaki Co-op (TEL:0296-73-0058, FAX:0296-73-0708)