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Amabikiyama Rakuhoji Hydrangea Festival



Open Period: From June 10 (Tuesday) to July 20 (Sunday) 2014




Amabikiyama Rakuhoji (Mt. Amabiki Rakuho Temple) is situated in the mid-slope of Mt. Amabiki, whose location is in Sakuragawa-shi in the west part of Ibaraki prefecture.  People call this famous historic temple “Amabiki-Kannon,” (Kannon means the Bodhisattva of Compassion) which was constructed more than 1,400 years ago.  Since then many people have worshiped the Kannon and visited there occasionally, and now believe that Amabiki Kannon is very accessible through prayer for an easy delivery and happy child rearing.  The temple is also known as the 24th fuda-sho, which is an office in a temple where an ofuda, or a strip of paper with written words of religious significance, is distributed to worshippers.  




The temple has 3,000 shrubs of 10 varieties of hydrangea in the garden.  In June they are in full bloom and the compound is filled with their beautiful color along with the greenery.  The sight is splendid enough to see, and peacocks in the grounds will welcome you, too.      





Amabikiyama Rakuhoji


By car

From Tsuchiura-kita IC of Joban-do Expressway, drive Route No.125 toward Shimotsuma-shi → Go straight through Hojo traffic light in Tsukuba-shi toward Chikusei → Through the entrance of Mt. Tsukuba → From Kamioshima in Tsukuba-shi, drive toward Sakuragawa-shi→Drive approx. 14 km and turn right at Osone traffic light in Sakuragawa-shi.

From Sakuragawa-Chikusei IC of Kitakanto-jidosha-do Expressway, drive Route No.50 toward Mito and Kasama→Turn right at Kuwada T-junction in Sakugarawa-shi → Drive approx. 4 km and turn left at Osone traffic light in Sakuragawa-shi.

By train

A 10 minute taxi ride from Iwase Station of JR Mito Line

(If you take JR Tohoku Line, please change trains at Oyama Station.)

A 10 minute taxi ride from Iwase Station of JR Mito Line

(If you take JR Joban Line, please change trains at Tomobe Station.)


Commerce and Tourism section, Economy Department, Makabe municipal office of Sakuragawa City

Address: 911 Iitsuka, Makabe-cho, Sakuragawa-shi, Ibaraki

Tel: 0296-55-1159

Amabikiyama Rakuhoji

Address: 1 Motoki, Sakuragawa-shi, Ibaraki

Tel: 0296-58-5009