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flowering 2016




the end of March – the middle of May



In spring, many kinds of flowers bloom beginning with daffodil, and tulip, nemophila and many others beautifully in turn at the National Seaside Park.

During this period, it’s the best time to see flowers in full bloom any time and every time is worth visiting how many times you come.




Daffodil — the world of fantasy—-

the end of March – the middle of April




It’s fantastic to see about 600 kinds of 1 million daffodils spreading below the pine trees and they look like an enormous yellow carpet. Please appreciate the symphony of color and fragrance of daffodils.



Tulip — world of colors —

the middle of April – the end of April








At ‘Tamago(egg) flower garden ’, more than 280,000 in 220 kinds of cute and colorful tulips showing off their beauty.

The display of tulips along with pine trees is so unique in the Hitachino area that you shouldn’t miss coming and seeing the beautiful garden.








Nemophila — envelopled in blue —

the end of April – the middle of May




More than 4.5 millions of nemophila covers the ‘3.5 ha Miharashi-no-oka’Miharashi Hills, and that looks like a light blue tapestry of nemophia is rising to the sky.

There’s nothing but a light blue carpet surrounding you as far as you can look around.

Please come and see it for yourself.  A picture is worth a thousand words.





The end of March – the middle of May


Hitachi National Seaside Park

604-5 Mawatari-onuma, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki

Business hours

9:30 am – 5 pm

Days closed

Mondays (If it’s a national holiday, then the next day)


Adults : 410 yen Seniors : 210 yen

Elementary and junior high school students : 80 yen


Car : ①1 km-drive from Hitach Seaside Park IC on Hitachi-naka toll road via Hitachi-naka IC on Kita-kanko expy

②15 km-drive from Hitachi-minamiota IC on Joban expy

Train : 15 minute bus-ride or taxi-ride from Katsuta station on JR Joban Line

(take Ibaraki–kotsu bus and get off at ‘Kaihin–koen Nishi-guchi’ or ‘Kaihin-koen Minamiguchi’)

Then, walk for 17 to 23 minutes from the entrance to the site


Hitachi National Seaside Park Management Center

TEL: 029-265-9001  FAX: 029-265-9339