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Hitachi Sakura Festival




The cherry tree of Hitachi that was chosen in 100 selections of cherry tree famous places of Japan is famous so as to be admired equally with “white plum blossoms of Mito”. “Hitachi Sakura Festival” is held in April and approximately 14,000 cherry trees in the city area flower and color a town gorgeously every year. And the characteristic of the Festival maximum is “Hitachi Elegance Float” appointed in the important materiality folk cultural assets of the country and important formlessness folk cultural assets as a festival car for the first time in the country.


“A Hitachi elegance float” is the festival car of the mechanism device with the marionette and is a magnificent festival car of 15m in height, 8m in width, 5t in weight. There are five levels of pleasure boats on the festival car, and a puppet play is developed on a pleasure boat. I make the doll by a program each time, and it is changed, and it is handled by the hand of the person by a rope. In addition, the list building by the turn of the early return marks and festival car of the doll and an instant change of role of the mountains behind are sightseeing, too. It was told to have come from the time in the middle of the Edo era and was enrolled in “UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage” in 2009.


It wait for a vehicle-free promenade, the publicly civic stand cruise mikoshi (portable shrine) parade, cruise of the Hitachi elegance float, the event by the independence participation group, the branch of the flower viewing teahouse during a holding period and walking-tours are performed. The atmospheric light up by a lantern and the lamp with a paper shade is carried out in Junou Panorama Park where a light up by the illumination, and Kamine Park and a wild cherry tree are in full glory according to peace. I seem to be able to enjoy fantastic going to see cherry blossoms at night this year.



Heiwa-dori Hitachi-shi Ibaraki-ken


Tourism Association of Hitachi-shi(Executive committee of Hitachi Sakura Festival)


April 1st – 20th


【Car】 5 min. from Hitachi-Chuo IC of Hitachi Expressway
【Train】 5 min. from “Hitachi” station of JR Joban line