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Mt. Tsukuba ~ A Tour around Power Spots




Since ancient times Sacred Mt. Tsukuba has been mentioned compared with Mt. Fuji as in the saying that Mt. Tsukuba exists in the east while Mt. Fuji the west.  The mountain consists of two peaks, Nyotai-san (the taller) and Nantai-san.



                        Ooishigasane (piled-up big stones)                          800-year-old big cedar tree


In the mid-slope of the mountain San-mon (the main entrance) and Hai-den (the hall of worship) of Tsukuba-san Shrine are located, and the whole mountain is considered as Goshintai (a body of deity).  There are unusual-shaped stones and ragged rocks here and there, which are regarded as power spots along with some legends handed down from generation to generation.




Tours to pilgrim these power spots in Mt. Tsukuba, a powerhouse of deity, will be held as given below.  Wishing for fruition of love, prosperous business, promotion, a wealthy marriage and others, you can enjoy the excursion and find yourself filled with energy.



~ Tours around power spots in Mt. Tsukuba ~



May 24 Saturday, 2014  

June 7 Saturday, 2014


8:40 a.m. ~ 12:00 p.m. each day (A reservation in advance is necessary.)


80 people ( the effective minimum : 10 people )

You need to make a reservation 3 days before the tour.  However, if the number of the people reaches the quota, the reservation will not be accepted.


Gather at Tsukuba Station of Tsukuba Express Line on the day.

Reception time: 8:40 a.m.~9:00 a.m.


For freeYou need to pay for the bus fare and the cable car fare during the tour.


Prayers recited by a priest in Tsukuba-san Shrine, a Fuku-gama which is a lucky charm toad for a fortune, power stones fetching you happiness, and so on


Tsukuba-Kanko-Tetsudo Inc.


TEL: 029-866-0611   FAX 029-866-1609

URL: http://www.mt-tsukuba.com/?p=1297

~  Access to Mt. Tsukuba  ~



Car:【Joban-do Expressway】From Tsuchiura-Kita IC, drive 125 national road bound for Mt. Tsukuba via 14 and 42 prefectural roads.  It takes about 40 minutes.

   【Kitakanto-do Expressway】From Sakuragawa-Chikusei IC, drive 50 national road via 41 and 42 prefectural roads.  It takes about 50 minutes.


Train : Get off at Tsukuba Station of Tsukuba Express Line, and take the direct shuttle bus for Tsukuba-san.  Get off the bus at Tsukuba-san Jinja Mae Stop or Tsutsujigaoka Stop.