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Narcissus Fantasy 2014


“Narcissus Fantasy 2014” starts on Vernal Equinox Day, March 21 (Holiday).

Spring of the Hitachi Seaside Park begin in here. The Seaside Park begins with narcissus, and a tulip, baby blue-eyes in sequence.

Please enjoy “the spring flower relays” from a flower to a flower.

You should be able to enjoy a new impression even if you come how many times even if you come when during this period.


The narcissus is a bulb in perennial plant of the Amaryllidaceous narcissus genus.

There are different many kinds of a color and the form as a gardening kind in autochthonism in northern Africa from the Mediterranean Sea coast.

It is classified in 13 systems from the shapes of the flower by the British Royal Society.

This classification becomes the global standard.

The flower of the narcissus means “narcissist” and “narcissism”.


The narcissus garden of Hitachi Seaside Park is proud of the largest area in a city park.

In a pine wood, you can enjoy various expressions of the narcissus including the kind sample garden that the fantastic, gorgeous world that light and a shadow of Kiki make, various narcissus blooms.

The narcissus of 1 million, 600 kinds spread all like a carpet under the pine wood of approximately 1ha creates the fantastic world.

Please enjoy a color and the symphony of the fragrance spreading through the one side forever.


During an event period, I would like to tell more information about the charm of the narcissus positively.

In addition, because hold a lot of event including “Narcissus Guided Tour”, “Flower Circulation Stamp-rally” “Flower Ring Concert” to watch a flower and pleasure and splendor of the life with the green, and to touch it, and to be able to feel it; in fun!

In addition, a stand thorn comes in temporariness and, in around meeting place during an event period, provides eating and drinking which utilized ingredients and an article for sale of local Ibaraki in “Umaimon-Dokoro”(Delicious Place).



605-4 Umawatari Hitachinaka-shi Ibaraki-ken


Hitachi Seaside Park


9:30~17:00  *There is a change by a season

Entrance Fee

Adult (Over 15 years old) \400
Silver (Over 65 years old) \200
Child (Under 15 years old) \80
Infant (Under 6 years old) \0


Monday (in the case of a holiday, on next day ) *There is a change by a season


【Car】1 Km from Hitachi Seaside Park IC of Hitachi-naka toll road, via Hitachinaka IC of Kita Kanto Expressway

【Train】15 min. by bus from “Katsuta” station of JR Joban line