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Parasailing is one of special summer attractions in Namegata City and Lake Kasumigaura.  Through the activity, you can fully experience the area’s greatness!




Parasailing is one of water leisure activities.  First, a boat on the lake moves forward pulling a tied parachute, which makes a gust of wind.  Next, by utilizing the wind you can fly up in the air with the fully ballooned parachute.   You need not change your clothes to swimwear, as your clothes won’t get wet although this activity is called a water leisure.  Casually you can enjoy a trip in the sky.  




 Parasailing is being experienced at a few spots in Japan.  If you look for lakes among them, there are only two available, and one is Lake Hamana and the other is Lake Kasumigaura. 

In addition, the fee for the activity in Kasumigaura is the lowest♪

Please enjoy flying in the blue sky at a height of 70 meters!!



Open: Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays during July & August in 2014.

<Close: August 12 (Saturday) 2014> 

Open: Saturdays and Sundays during September & October in 2014.


Takasu Sanbashi (located in Tamatsukuri, Namegata City)

(Reception Counter:At Namegatashi Kanko-Bussankan “Koi-Koi,” or Namegata Tourism & Local Products Hall, “Koi-Koi”)


From 10 am to 4 pm(not available in case of rain or a bad weather)


Parasailing for Adult: 5,000 yen(should be at the age of a junior high school or older.)

<Fellow passenger on the boat>

Adult: 1,000 yen 

       A primary school pupil: 500 yen

Younger than the above: For free, but should be accompanied by his or her family member.  


By car

【Joban Expressway】

A 35-minute (20km) drive from Chiyoda-Ishioka I.C via Route 6 and Route 355.

【Higashikanto Expressway】

A 50-minute (30km) drive from Itako IC via Route 355.



By train

【JR Joban Line】Get off at Tsuchiura Station and go to the West Exit.  At No. 6 bus stop, take a bus bound for Tamatsukuri and get off at “Kasumigaura-Fureai- Land.”




Namegata City Tourism Association(Address: 2564-10 Yamada, Namegata city, Ibaraki)

 TEL 0299-55-1221    FAX 0291-35-3258

  HP  http://www.namekan.jp/